Burgos, one of the founders of the Spanish Network of Intelligent Cities, has kept for years a firm commitment to the development of innovation and creativity, focused on two objectives: to improve the quality of life of its citizens and generate economic growth.

Designated the City of Science and Innovation 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Innovation by its policy to empower people and companies to innovate, Burgos is a worldwide reference in Human Evolution. In the heart of the city, the Human Evolution complex is situated in the heart of the city, which houses the museum of the same name and the National Research Centre on Human Evolution, making Burgos the world capital in this field.





Its innovative culture is evident in many aspects of industrial activity. So that Burgos maintains permanent investments to provide and offer an efficient water utility, offering cheap industrial water (price per cubic meter is the cheapest in Spain), high quality and security of supply. Its commitment to logistics is integral to the economic reality of Burgos and in an immediate future its Transport Centre will add 220,000 m2 to the 300,000 that this Centre already has available that manages Puerto Seco Villafría.


With Grupo Antolin as flagship, Burgos has a powerful and technologically advanced automotive supplier industry with companies that are among the most dynamic in the European Union, both in volume and turnover.


Responsible for 25% of investment in R + D + i and formed mostly by SMEs, the Burgos metallurgical industry is responsible for 45% of exports achieved by the business sector in Burgos.


The vitality of the food industry, the weight of which reached 13% of total industry of Burgos, and the prestige attained by their companies has achieved that food and beverages produced in Burgos are consumed daily on the tables on five continents.