Burgos is firmly committed to supporting investment and has therefore designed a broad range of benefits designed to encourage the establishment in the city of new business initiatives. Committed to a budget of 12 million Euros to be implemented in the period from 2015 to 2019, the Burgos City Council will address the modernisation of its industrial estates and supply available plots at very competitive prices. The Burgos City Council has offered for years rebates linked to the creation of new jobs in the city, in which it adds very essential rebates in municipal taxes such as IBI, for Economic Activities, for Building and Capital Gains, among others, which makes Burgos the first town council of Spain to adopt this package of rebates for industrial companies that decide to settle in the municipality.

The Burgos Office of the Investor, Burgos Business Bureau, within its assessment and information work, , is in charge of helping investors in processing all kinds of regional investment aids: subsidies on loans, guarantee availability, venture capital, program of tractor companies, as well as facilitating all kinds of administrative procedures.

Burgos Business Bureau

Burgos Office

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Similarly, the Municipal Plan of Support to the Industry of the Burgos Town Council, proposes the establishment of exceptional negotiable conditions of sale of plots for industrial use,   easing both payment terms as well as building obligations.