Reference sectors


The city of Burgos has a strong automotive supplier industry, supplier of a full range of leading brands. With the Antolin Group as a prime example, manufacturing of automobile components distinguishes itself in the metal sector, in addition to its importance, being an integrated industry and a leader in the introduction of technological advances, improvements in management processes and levels of expertise. Therefore, the Burgos factories in this sector are among the most dynamic in the European Union both in volume and turnover.

The Burgos automotive companies are both in volume and turnover among the most dynamic in the EU

The effort in R + D + i sector led the Antolin Group to become in 2011, and after almost 20 years of research, in a leading European and world leader in the manufacture of high-quality graphene. In the R&D+i Centre of Villafria it manufactures this material that is 200 times stronger than steel, which has exceptional mechanical characteristics of elasticity and lightness, great electrical and thermal conductivity and whose industrial applications cover a very wide range of sectors.


Burgos has a privileged place within an Autonomous Community such as Castile and Leon in which food is key to industrial development sector. Firms of undisputed prestige, generators of a large number of direct and indirect employment and large investments in R & D, produces in Burgos, food that is served daily on the tables on five continents, permanently innovating their production processes, processing , preparation, storage and packaging.

The Burgos agri-food industry companies, mostly SMEs make up 13% of the industry Burgos

Additionally, this sector has such a broad and established structure that together with large multinationals support a a large number of high quality SMEs (82% of the total sector), whose letter of presentation is the manufacture of delicatessen products great projection, in a market that combines modernism and tradition through sustainable development that reaches 13% of the industrial volume of Burgos.

Chemical sector

Led by multinationals, the Burgos chemical industry is very diverse, ranging from the manufacture of liquid methionine, such as Adisseo Spain, one of the few centres in the world producers of this essential amino acid for animal feed, to the manufacture of glass Saint Verallia Gobain, through almost all sub-sectors of the tech industry, such as distillation, resins, cosmetics, plastics and paper.

In Burgos, it manufactures liquid methionine, one of the few places in the world where it is produced

Supported by an optimum infrastructure for its needs, great administrative flexibility and efficient energy and water access, the chemical industry, both based on transformation, have become the most dynamic innovators and exporters of the sector in Burgos, generating highly qualified jobs and a magnet for talent and technology.


Metallurgical Sector

Formed mostly by small and medium enterprises, Burgos metallurgical sector is responsible for 45% of exports and 25% of investment in R & D that Burgos companies realise. The very low rates of existing labour unrest in the city and skilled labour from both the University of Burgos as well as the local vocational training centres contribute to the ongoing growth of this sector whose products account for a quarter of industrial production that Burgos generates as well as a third of manufactured products.

The steelwork metallurgical sector, supported in a world of SMEs, is the industry of industries in the productive Burgos

On the basis of quality, innovation and internationalization, Burgos iron and steel sector has become strategic pillar and a niche of business opportunities for the city. In addition to supplying the energy, primary, telecommunications networks, agricultural and agri-food, health or the petrochemical sectors among others, it has become a major claimant of the primary and service sectors.