plano01enIn Burgos we have the space you need to develop your business plan, without barriers. During the last fifty years we have created and managed much space that the companies, regardless of the size or activity, have needed to convert Burgos in an industrial enclave of the first order: the industrial heartland of northern Spain.

Municipal commitment

Thanks to the municipal commitment and vision of the city, today Burgos is still able to offer, very competitive prices, excellent land opportunities thanks to its new industrial areas, totally urbanised, with high quality endowments. The main volume of available industrial high quality land corresponds to the Villalonquejar IV Industrial Estate, which has more than 1,200,000 net square meters net and is available for immediate occupancy.

A consolidated industrial area

The city of Burgos currently has eight industrial parks, three business parks and business centre. More than 1,500 industrial enterprises operate in this environment, where more than 38,000 people work. Alongside these consolidated areas, there are two major projects being developed: the Burgos Technology Park and the Economic Activities Complex (CAE).


Burgos Technology Park

The Burgos Technology Park, in the vicinity of Villafria, just 15 minutes from the city centre and at the foot of the Northern Motorway and N-120, it is one of the projects that Castilla and Leon is developing in this province, with the aim of providing a technological enclosure that brings together companies, concentrating in one innovative space, promoting to technology needs. Technological and urban requirements that define the 124 hectares of the Technological Park of Burgos are the development of business activities and services with high technological component in knowledge intensive, incorporating qualified service personnel and environmental sustainability in their processes. One can view the plots by clicking on the image below.


The University of Burgos, like their R & D + i  centres actively participate in the development of the technology park providing technological training, technical resources and human capital, all in the service of the business community, facilitating the transfer of knowledge capable of generating economic wealth and thus contributing to the welfare of society. The Technology Park of Burgos, given its excellence in areas such as industrial automation, machine tools, robotics, automation, new materials and agribusiness, provides a concentration of firms in these sectors and therefore a tendency to specialise in these productive areas.

Photo Gallery Burgos Technology Park
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Complex Economic Activities (CAE)

Complex Economic Activities (CAE) Burgos-Riopico is a Regional Plan of Territorial Scope (Supramunicipal) approved by the Board of Castile and Leon under which they sort and classify 1,148 hectares, 525 of which are from new developments for Industrial land- Logistics and Business- Services. It covers the triangle formed by the NI, the N120 and the AP-1. In addition, it is completed with land to the north of the NI and south of the N120. It comprises of the  Burgos, Orbaneja Riopico, Cardeñajimeno and Rubena municipalities.

In the CAE there are 158,31 hectares in tertiary land termed "Business and Services", 353.44 hectares of logistic and industrial land, and around 17 hectares intended for the development of the CAE intermodal area. In areas termed Logistics-Industrial it shall preferentially locate companies in the industrial, transport and logistics field. In the service sectors, it shall locate tertiary sector companies, showcase service and business centres. The plan provides for preferential areas for the location of equipment (next to towns) and numerous general systems of free spaces where the Camino de Santiago, parks, green areas are located... It also includes a complex network of roads that communicate perfectly the CAE with main roads, airport and logistics areas. The bypass of Castañares release the hamlet of continuous traffic through the village and greatly improve access to the N-120 from Burgos.

Photo Gallery CAE
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Gamonal Industrial Estate

This Industrial Park has an area of 3,538,061 m2, 21% of industrial land being urbanized. The implementation of business activities in the Industrial Estate Gamonal dates back to the commissioning of the Development Pole in the sixties, with the city of Burgos as promotor. There are about 1,000 companies located in the industrial area, with a higher percentage dedicated to the iron and steel sector, but also sectors such as construction, food industry, timber industry, road freight transport, etc. predominate.  The Burgos City Council has developed a Regeneration Plan Industrial Estate Gamonal-Villimar.



In addition, the provincial territory of Burgos has thirty industrial areas located around the main communication axes, the A-1, A-62, A-68 and the N-122, N-611, N 623 and N-627. You can find more information on the industrial areas of the province in Sodebur.